The dispenser:

Reverse tap has developed a new draft beer dispenser that uses a new set up by filling the cups from the bottom. The twin reverse tap is specially designed to cover large volume sales. It has integrated software linked to a command panel that allows different filling options depending on the size of the cup and adjusts the amount of beer foam. The software also keeps track of the amount of beers sold and status of the beer keg.


The dispenser fits standard cooling systems using the same elements as the traditional tap system and is suitable for any carbonated beverage such as softdrinks.


The Reverse tap twin unit:

Reverse tap twin dispenser includes a 7” LCD screen in the front facing the client on which promotional video’s can be uploaded via a USB port. The actual frame contouring the screen can be customized for your brand.

Size: 350 x 140 x 375 (w/h/d)

Wieght: 9 kg


The Reverse tap single unit:

Size: 238 x 92 x 3005 (w/h/d)

Wieght: 1,5 kg


The Cup:

The Reverse tap cups are made of very high quality PP plastic and are engineered with a hole in the bottom that through a clever, patented invention allows the cup to be filled from the bottom. The cups come with the option to print for example your logo in either black/white or 4-colour.

Capacity: 330 ml, 473 ml and 568 ml

Material: PP